Rob Zawistowski



Who Am I?

Vancouver Based Cinematographer/Editor/Colourist

I discovered my passion for filmmaking while enrolled in the New Media program at BCIT nearly 4 years ago. My first class in video production unleashed my natural affinity for editing. This stems from my lifelong passion and pursuit of music. So many of the elements I had honed through developing my musicianship and style - flow, composition, dynamics - all of a sudden had a visual counterpart. This in combination with my childhood indoctrination to art house cinema - thanks dad! - provided me with with a skill set I didn’t even realize I had until I started working in the field professionally. After I finished school, I interned at Basetwo Media where I learned to edit, color, create motion graphics, sound design, and DP. My goal is to grow, and develop as a professional. I want to tell stories, and work with talented people that I can learn from, and simultaneously provide value to.

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